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Playin Mw2 On Pc

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mr n3wb


looking for team deathmatch game


entered into game


suddenly i am flying and my only weapon i can use is intervention


leave game


suddenly i'm level 70 and i have unlocked everything




also i have no steam friends pls add me


steam name: N3wb

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Because some parts (some, not all) of the COD community are quick scoping noobs who are too lazy to level up by themselves.


It's sad, really.

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this sucks i was like level 24, i like leveling up and unlocking the weapons and titles as i play :( now i can't decide if i should prestige or just stay level 70 and try having fun without the enjoyment of leveling up

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Just download AlterIW: http://alteriw.net/


That won't help if he already has a legit copy?

Well, most of European lobbies in Steam version are hacked, not to mention you get a host on dial-up almost all the time. Don't know how it's elsewhere, though.

AlterIW offers you dedicated (and modable) servers and much more versatility and overall enjoyment.


Hope you enjoy, N3wb. :)

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