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It By Stephen King



I just finished it. Having never read a Stephen King novel before, I had no idea on what to expect.


I was so immersed. I've never been so into a book as I have this book. And I was terrified. I had always doubted the ability of a book to scare you, but I take that back with all my heart. I would have nights where I would put the book down and try to sleep, but instead, my mind would be racing and I would nearly shriek at every noise.


It wasn't just the horror bits though... it was so much more. Stephen King painted the most enthralling picture of childhood that I've ever read or thought about. The real focus of the book was about being a kid, and what happens when you grow past those golden ages.


It's moments like this that remind me why I love reading. I thought that you guys would appreciate it. ;)

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you should pick up the follow up "insomnia" on it sometime


although it's a complete stand alone it still has ties to other King books and mainly to "It"

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