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New Goal

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11k views before 400 entries? I think YES!


Been a pretty hectic week, being Christmas and all. We're also hosting a pre-NYE barbie, which means lots and lots of cleaning up and tidying the house dry.png .


I've also been staying up very late/early the past few days. Heck, it's 2.30am now. Strange thing is, I never do this. I always fall asleep out of exhaustion, from the spiralling mess I have to put up with every day. Now that it's the holidays, life is much more peaceful. I'm even getting sick of RS. Perhaps the time has finally come. You could say I'm a bit lonely here, with no siblings and all. No, loneliness is when nobody understands you, and you fight alone. The feeling is too familiar to my liking.


I shall stay awake for 6 minutes and 11 seconds then attempt to fall asleep. Something tells me it won't be too hard tongue.png

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