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About 2 or 3 weeks back my life seemed to of hit a darker spot; I was getting into arguments with my parents, getting pissed off way too easily and everything just seemed to have been going wrong. I'm happy to say that I believe I have emerged from the darkness. Everything seems to be picking back up again and my life is rolling just the way I like it, I just really hope it can stay this way for a bit. Oh, and I guess I should say sorry to Wolfhe, he experienced a bit of my pent up anger I had going on.


But anyways, I got a drum set for Christmas! Been rocking out for the past 3 days on it, I seem to be getting the hang of 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. I love my kit a lot but the only main issue is that it only has two cymbals, one of them being a crash/ride mix that sounds off. I'm looking into replacing that with a proper crash cymbal and a ride cymbal, too bad they're so damn expensive.


So that's about it for this blog post, cya.

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Wait I think I found the entry. Apologies accepted. :P Now we play BF3 some moar??

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