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Steak And Chips

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Steak and chips is the meal I have every New Year's day, and this year is probably the first time I've enjoyed the steak. I was never a big fan.


I do, annoyingly, have a tiny bit of steak stuck in my teeth, though. Karma for all these years, I guess.


But yes, it's 2012. While in other years I've not grasped the whole 'remember it's a year later' thing, it hit me straight away. Considering in 2011 I was still accidentally writing 2010 on things until about March, it's a new situation for me. Which isn't important really, just a little nuance.


Hope you all had a good 2011, and will have a better 2012! Happy New Year!


Oh, and Sherlock was brilliant (although not as good as any of the first series, in my opinion)

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