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The Firemaker's Curse Pt 1

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Merch Gwyar


This is my kind of quest! Puzzles and strategies involving skilling. None of that boss fighting nonsense. Hurrah!


I got off to a bit of a false start. I'd misread the announcement and thought that I had to speak to the Phoenix. I've had some Phoenix Lair telescrolls in my bank for ages, so this was their big moment. I landed in a pile of ashes and finally stopped to think about this. Have I really got to go in there to start a quest? Consulting my quest journal informed me that I'm an illiterate noob and to go to Eagle's Peak instead. I ran down there and spoke to just about every NPC north of the mountain. Then I climbed over it and followed a gang of people running south. I found the firemakers.


Once inside the quest, it's a private world thingie, so you're not fighting through the crowds. I took the time to get to know my seven firemaking companions, because one of them had said it was a good idea. In my experience, any quest NPC mentioning good ideas means that it's likely to be vital later on. True story. It became necessary to know everything about them in around room four. I had to work out which one was acting out of character, then tie that person up. Memory, I love you! I've passed every one of those rooms so far, because it is a recurring theme.


There's not much else to say at this point. Each chamber reveals another puzzle; and they do seem to be getting harder. A simple arrow pattern in room one became a complicated, zOMG where do I stand so not to be trapped pattern by about room five. I spent more time stuck between two fires, unable to move, than I did lighting the things! Nevertheless, it's not too taxing. It's all about looking around the room or in Char's journal to find all of the clues that you need to solve the puzzle.


So far, I'm on room nine. This one seems a bit trickier. I've had about ten attempts to dodge moving fireballs, while protecting myself with walls of flames. If you fail, you just end up outside the door ready to start again. The furthest that I've made it is to wave three, then a rogue fireball killed me. I'm not entirely convinced that the fire walls are doing anything. There are certainly balls that can sail over the top of them; plus I've been hit several times (once to the point of death) when no fireballs were within two squares of me. There's probably a trick to it that I haven't worked out yet, involving one of the fireballs having a range attack.


I'm going to pause for the evening on it now though, as real life is happening. :D

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Bring food for the room 9...I use half an invent on monk, but I stay in the middle most of the time between 2 lines of fire I was lighting again and again...Didn't feel like running :)


For the boss fight, make a quick trip to the Ogres spa for unlimited run energy, bring 27 food (monks or better), agil top, bottom, and knives....


Quest was fun

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I went to the Phoenix lair too :P luckily a passing quester pointed me in the right direction.

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I found the quest to be great fun. Although it was relatively easy especially the boss fight once you figure out what to do.

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Aabid - Yes, I was having fun with this one! And no, I don't use quest guides. That ruins the fun for me.


Fred - I wish I'd read your advice before I went back into the room. It took me a few more attempts to get that one right! :xd: I agree that this quest was fun.


Hunter - Me and you are like peas in a pod. :lol:


Erebus - I agree with both of those sentiments. If all boss fights were like that, I'd cope!

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