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Followup To Earlier Depressing Entry

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I've meant to do this for awhile now.


Anyway we're looking into getting dad into surgery Feb 10th at the earliest. He's going to Dartmouth. There's a 50% chance that he won't have to do chemo and all that, and only a 2% he'll die on the operating table. So that's good...


Only thing I'm worried about...the doctor said that if it the cancer has spread to his chest they won't operate. Hopefully it hasn't...mom said it was a slow growing tumor or whatever earlier. We'll find out if it's spread sooner or later. Just gotta think positive for now.

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I can only imagine how hard this must be, good luck and hope your dad gets better

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Sending best wishes and good thoughts Zachy. We're behind you and your family. :) :wub: much love.

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