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Things, they be looking up.


My whole body is in total stress mode still, though. It's hard to revert after worrying for about a month, and I found myself disintegrating in German. It probably doesn't help that school starts too early (because I clearly don't go to bed too late, not at all).


There are other reasons things are looking up too. People that I know have begun to read my blog (on wordpress) and have been telling me that it's really good. It also leads to better conversations, because people will bring up something I've talked about before, and it's a lot easier than talking normally.


Everything else seems to be going fine. Other than my German teachers thinking I might do something crazy, which is worrying as they've known me for many years. I must be in a bit of a state.


Ah well, if all falls down, I am making new friends at the moment. I might have to patch things up with one of my old ones (because I told him to fudge off when he said my ego was too big), but I'm not really fussed. As long as it's easy for me to do, it's fine.

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