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Personally, I'm going to stick with viewing sals in its full form on my phone. Mobile leaves out info I'd like to see anywho.


I'm also not seeing all the formatting options and smileys? Edit: Ah, none of this shows on my phone. That sucks.

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This update, in my opinion, is pretty sweet. The only problems I have had are access. Access to information that the old forum was able to provide, yet isn't provided here. Before I had maybe five or so blogs I liked to keep tabs on by pinning them and that ability is replaced with notifications. That's fine, and I love the notification system, but being able to pin blogs (or maybe have them in a separate tab now) as well would be really useful.


Likewise with the status updates. Each user's updates can be accessed from their profile, but the community's updates as a whole are available too. But from what I've seen, there isn't a specific button you can get to normally except for through the notification system. You shouldn't need to be told of a friend's update in order to browse the community's.


And yeah, the mobile version is pretty stunted. You can't skip pages even in a three hundred page topic and there's no way to do quick formatting since the options don't show (at least on the iphone).


The recent topics sidebar, in my opinion, should be optional or at least able to be minimized to the side. I don't know anything about the software, but it seems like wasted space. Although, since the "recent topics" portion is able to be collapsed, I figure there are other things that might be able to go in there as well.

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