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I dislike this very much



I don't like bright skins.

I apparently lost 10,000 post for seemingly no reason.

The difficulty with the blogs is annoying, also the whole "HEY LOOK AT ME SPAMMING THIS IMAGE WHICH ISN'T CUTOFF BY THE VIEW MORE BUTTON.

People whining about Tabt and Jethraw friend request. Honestly, if you don't want to be friends with them don't friend them.

Finding a topic that has some interest seems more annoying. The only interesting topic I see at the moment is the insanely fast 125k fming experience which doesn't help since I don't play the bloody game anymore.

All blog categories were deleted after I spent many hours categorizing EVERYTHING. I swear to God is this happened to my Amazon list I'd be screaming for blood. Imagine over 100 various lists for different things sorted very specifically, which items going specifically in each one. How the hell can I have that many wishlists and items? A lot of them are gift lists for various people.

Also block list is messed up.


Still confused about re-establishing private club as I have an entry for that that I do not want someone else to see.


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Did you see this? And be sure to have your private blog's settings so only your private club can view it since it defaulted to public during the move. I think, other than that, that should be all there is to it.


Also, since I don't remember ever seeing your private entries, am I in your private club? Because your private blog has shown up in my Manage Blogs section (I believe Fatalysm is having the same thing as me) and the only other blogs in there are of people I had pinned and been a private club member of previously.

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