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Exams are over yay.

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Well my final exam, maths, was today. and mother of god it was difficult. I've done quite literally EVERY past paper by this edexcel and I did every Solomon Press paper for C3 (which is meant to be 1000000x more difficult than actual exam papers). This exam paper made Solomon press it's nice doggy! and showed it who's boss, hardest paper I've done by a long shot. I'm god awful at differentiation (I get all my rules mixed up). The first question was a differentiation question, an easy one. So I was pleased as I thought that would be differentiation out the way for the rest of the paper. I was wrong. Six out of eight questions included differentiation. I couldn't even do the first part of the last question worth 6 marks and struggled to do the last part for 4 marks.


Oh well.


No work tonight and no modules for other subjects have started yet so nothing to do tonight, and wow it feels weird! :P.

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Grade 12? :) Keep it up!

Just a question... for studying... do you just read everything over? :o

I'm Trois!

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