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Seriously? I'm on the verge of saying screw this site



So far every time I've tried to access this site, or when I could if I clicked on any link I was given the "This page does not exist."


There's a reason your supposed to make sure things don't break stuff upgrading it.


So on the verge of just removing this site from my visits.


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You're not alone. I'm still waiting to warn someone that I was supposed to do nearly 10 days ago, because I have a warning bug that means I can't do anything. I haven't been able to post, at all, for 3 days. Browse? No, that's just optimistic.


TL;DR: You're not the only one, stop whining, be patient and wait for things to be fixed.

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this morning it took so long to load my profile that i accidentally set my neighbors cat on fire

Herty is your neighbor?

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