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I've used up a display name change token.

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To start this entry off I would like to clarify that you indeed do use tokens when you change your display name; Sal's Realm is nice enough to give you 2 of them to use. If you haven't noticed, I used one today. You may be asking yourself questions such as, "Why Guildwars186 have you slayed a truly awesome name!?" Bottom line, the whole Guildwars186 thing was sorta annoying me because of the numbers and the fact that I'm always simply referred to as Guild. I was considering changing my name completely seeing how Guild isn't even that nice; but its my identity here and I guess I decided to stick with it. If only I was a bit more creative in my earlier days...



Oh and in real life news...


I'm now officially done with my first semester, also known as the semester with the hard class (math.) My day will now consist of economics, history, gym, and the probably new problem class chemistry. Little to say, I'm pretty excited.


Now I'm going to hit the publish button and hope Sal's doesn't die on me like it has been lately. Maybe in a few days I'll bore you all with my girl issues ;)

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Shoulda kept the name, I remember you since, like, 3-4 years ago or something. It was tight


*Looks up dispay name history*


WilliamXtreme! Thats a name I remember :D If I recall correctly you had a Jeff Hardy avatar that I liked. (if I'm wrong don't be afraid to yell) But anyways, my name may find its way back, eventually. But right now, nope.

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Should've done what I did and just incorporate the familiar bit of your old name into a new one.


Whitewolf127 -> Wolfhe (or Wolfshe if you're Zach) -> SaboWolf



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