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First off I'm seriously becoming pissed about red light cameras. I'm somewhere around 90% positive I went through one today among the myriad of lights from like 5 police cars on the opposite side of the street and some jerk flashing his brights on and off which I'm fairly sure is illegal.


Second off current rules for myself:

Hookah and cigarettes are off-limits. (For the record I smoked a cigarette only when I was with one of two other people because otherwise it's awkward as all hell talking to them, so maybe twice in the last 5 months? Hookah was more frequent.)


Alcohol is off-limits.


Also god damn import cost, I ordered something for $50, and I'm paying a total of $20 for S&H+Tax, so I hope the person who I ordered it for likes it.


First class tomorrow. Not sure if I'm going to effectively be able to get from campus at 11:30 to work by 12 but w/e. I don't care.


Changed my major since I seriously can't look at math anymore, I just don't understand it, and since programming is becoming more of a chore than an adventure so it's not exciting (SW).


Also found a used 16GB Xbox360 with Fable 3 (sealed), a controller, a charger pak, and 2 memory units for $100 which I'm probably going to pick up tomorrow. The sad thing is I'm only getting a 360 now for one game basically:

Kingdoms of Amalur.


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