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Chipotle is putting me on the road of being manager. By that, I mean they're starting to teach me how to do everything for each station. I for the most part know everything on grill, I just need to learn the correct way to cut lettuce and onions for prep, and I need to master rolling for line. After that, I just need to learn how to do inventory and deposits and all of those other manager ish things. In related terms, today I noticed how much faster I am on line than before, how comfortable I felt, and how happy/flirty I can really be with customers.


School. I love my classes. English might be a pain in my ass later, and public speaking seems a little fishy the way she's doing class so far, but I love my schedule. The only problem being that they are all late night classes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It kills my social life, but what would I really be doing most of that time anyway?


As for real life in general, I've been much, much better. The only times I ever think of Sarah are when there's something that outright blatantly reminds me of her. I drove by an office building with the number 379. Herpderp her first 3 numbers. I was throwing out the garbage for Chipotle and saw a HUGE fish tank. Herpderp all of Sarah's fish died. (Twice ahahaha). See a person who was in some way associated (the only ones I've seen lately are one's she's blatantly admitted hating, but still hangs out with them because herpderp she has no friends.) A few days ago I was talking with Paula in the food court and one of Sarah's exfriends (ex friend because she apparently lied about a bunch of fiddlesticks and then dated Sarah's ex or something idek wtf happened there) and she kept walking by and giggling. At least 3 times. Then like twenty minutes after her last "visit", Natasha (fat indian girl that Sarah REALLY hated for a multitude of reasons that were actually legit) walked by, pulled out her phone and called someone and stood maybe 10 feet from where I was sitting, pretending like she wasn't there.


I eat consistently. I work out consistently. I have plenty of me-time, and plenty of friend-time. I'm meeting new people. I'm getting back out there. I'm getting closer and closer with a lot of people. I'm learning who I am. I'm having consistently good days. I'm on the right track.


I'm better :].

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For now. People have a tendency to regress when they are put into situations that they aren't sure what they want out of them.

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