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2nd Semester of College, and It Sucks



College sucks. By all means, I love it, but there is a lot of fiddlesticks. My classes are stupid, and my extracurricular activities are kind of time consuming. I do love being involved though. I feel the need to blog right now. I'm going to talk about my classes.


SPN335 - Advanced Conversation and Composition

7:45am-8:50am MWF

First off, the moron who thought making classes start earlier than 8:00AM is going to die before this semester is over. I am very unable to wake up this early for one class. I am pretty sure I only arrived on time the first day of class. I show up to class late every day. I do not care. Part of it is because I work in the foreign language department, so I know the teacher well. She really is phenomenal, but I am not in the mood to speak Spanish this early in the morning. I can barely get dressed. How do you expect me to speak? The class is stupid too. Basically we watch movies in Spanish and then analyze it. It sounds easy, but it is truly awful. I just got done with a literature class last semester, where we read plays and short stories and analyzed them. That was much easier looking back, because I could go back and re-read stuff and look for symbols, where with movies, I have one shot. So I decided to buy all the movies in English, because listening to them in Spanish is just awful. Our first essay had to be three pages. I turned in one badly written page. I can write great in Spanish, but not about a movie whose plotline is confusing as hell in Spanish. I'm also the only freshman in this class. I placed pretty high. I kind of regret it, but I guess I do get to feel decently badass.


MTH243 - Calculus III

9:05am-9:55am MTWF

Calculus and I have always been great friends. I scored a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam, 94 A for Calculus II last semester, but Calculus III is stupid and awful. We're doing vectors and all this three-dimensional crap. I'm very aware the class is all in 3D, but it's just silly. We're not even doing derivatives or integrals right now. Let's go lady. Stop boring me. Not a huge fan of this class. I've skipped it four times already in the past first four weeks.


SPN221 - Spanish Conversation

10:10am-11:00am MW

This class only meets twice a week. It's boring, and too easy. The students in the class can't put any sentence together. Only like 4 of us can actually converse without having to toss some English in each sentence. I don't understand why I am in this class. Well, I do. It's part of my major. I just wish it wasn't so awful.


LAS200 - Enduring Questions for An Intercultural World

1:15pm-2:30pm TTH

This is a core class that everyone has to take. It's all philosophical about what it means to be human. I haven't done a single reading for this class. I don't even think I have a grade. Not sure entirely what is going on, but the class only has eleven of us, and it's in a lounge. Warm, comfortable, easy for now.


So yeah. My classes are boring me and teaching me how to cheat. I have skipped SPN335 twice, SPN221 once, MTH243 four times, and LAS200 once. So in only four weeks, I have skipped 8 classes. Last semester, I skipped my classes 27 times. That's the total amount of times. I did not skip one class 27 times. College bores me.


As for extracurricular activities, I do love them. I am a Vice President for the Interfraternity Council. I handle Operations and be a secretary and treasurer. I am on the Executive Board for Spanish Club. Truly not sure what that involves yet. I am in my own individual fraternity. I am now the technology chair. I edit our web page. I have no web page editing skills, so this will be an adventure. I applied to be a Summer Orientation leader. I got an interview. It's Monday. I applied to be a Resident Assistant. The interview was Saturday. I think it went well.


I am a Spanish and Math major with an Education minor to teach at the high school level. I seriously do not think I want to teach high school anymore. I'm all conflicted. The education department here makes me go through all this stupid crap. Just teach me how to teach.


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Wow, sounds like a clusterfudge. Personally, I wouldn't skip so much, that's just me. My major is geography, thought about Spanish since I am so fluent in it, but decided against it, sometimes, however I think about becoming an interpreter. I go to my campus Monday and Wednesday 8:30am to 8:15pm. Have Geology and lab, then Economincs micro and macro, two separate classes and sociology comparing cultures. I bet you can guess the easy one. Economics is the hardest one for me since the teachers expect us not to have a life and pile workload onto us. I am not involved with any extracurricular activities, however.

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Yeah I didn't enjoy the beginning of multivar calc either, but then I skipped like you and it picked up without me realizing it and my grade suffered.90% of getting a good grade is just going to class. The sooner you learn that the better... You can't skip college classes.

I skip class all the time

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Calc III (when you get into the multivariable section) seems like a class that people either love or hate, so hang in there. If you're going to be taking DE after this, you might end up liking it better. I had a friend who hated Calc III but really liked DE, but most seemed to be the other way around.


Personally, the only course I liked more than III was DE. Really, the only thing I didn't like about III was three-dimensional vector operations at the beginning of the semester in Calc III (and Langrange Multipliers, which were tedious as hell imo :sick:). The good thing is, Calc III isn't all the same. If you hate those parts, you might still end up liking stuff like Fourier Series or optimization.


If you're having an easy time visualizing 3-D surfaces in polar/cylindrical/Cartesian coordinates you should be on good footing--that's where most people I knew had trouble.


However, lilshu is right about not letting it get away from you. It's quite different from I and II and lots of people who excel in those have a bit bumpier ride in Calc III. Others find Calc III cake and find DE really difficult to grasp, at least initially. Of course, there are those people who have no problem with any of it.

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