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i'm mad



Okay, so i'm playing rs right, doing this clue. then i need to do one small favour to do swan's song cuz i gotta talk to this dude. alright, whatever, i woulda had to do them eventually anyway. start one small favour, progressively getting madder and madder because it's a fudgeing WASTE OF TIME holy shizzle what a terrible quest. then all of a sudden, i get to the part where i need to talk to sanfew, and lo and behold JAGEX WANTS ME TO COMPLETE THE NEW VERSION OF DRUIDIC RITUAL TO ADVANCE IN THIS QUEST. oh, just awesome, i guess my 60 herblore isn't proof enough right you fudgeing fgts. jagex you fudgeing fudgeed up on this one


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it wasn't too bad until i got to the part where i learned i had to complete the new druidic ritual. such fiddlesticks

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