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What I've learned about high school girls

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Freshman- young, naive, unable to convey emotions


Sophomore- reckless, willing to try new things


Junior- eager for sex, generally the loose girls on campus especially if she went for it as a sophmore, looking for attention (generally true with all girls)


Senior- baggage ontop of baggage, these girls are either loose, trying to get out of there, not looking for anything serious, not a lot of drama, more likely to say what they feel.

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thats what i love about high school girls


i keep gettin old


they stay the same age


yes they do

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Freshman- getting to know people, omg hischool is so coolSophomore- sexJunior- sexSenior- seximo

sloots finna sloot

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depends what spectrum of high school you're in, sofee


in different social groups the girls will be different

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