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Lack of desire



I'll be blunt. I seriously have little interest in continuing to come back here except reading a few blogs, especially now that it's insanely bright to my eyes, seriously white hurts.


I think I figured out that the reason I was getting fed-up with my major was I was taking a number of classes with information that contradicted each other because it wasn't based on scientific fact, or reality, but a professor's personal biases.


Although I have found my sociology and psychology books a refreshing reprieve from staring at computer code all day.


Also next week should be amazing, but seriously I think I decided that Valentine's Day is the most expensive day of the year. x.x. Seriously, god damn.


At least my girlfriends ok with us skipping going out on Valentine's Day, and me taking her out another day when every place isn't OMFG OVERCROWDED TO HELL.




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create your own presents for her

that way she has to like them and you dont have to spend any money


I would buy flowers as a fallback though


going out on valentines day doesn't make much sense anyways, wouldn't you want to spend personal time with the person you love instead of trying to talk over crowds of couples at a restaurant

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She says she's ok with skipping it, but she's not. Srsly even if she thinks you're skipping it surprise her. Saw it in a movie once.

To be more fair, I'm combining Valentine's Day and her birthday as they are rather close together, and although she doesn't know it yet, I'm taking her to a semi-expensive restaurant (the food is amazing also).

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