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I am part of the 50%



Of people who are dissatisfied with all of their possible picks for POTUS so far with the next upcoming election. Frankly, most of them sound like they belong in a psych ward, the majority look like they live in a delusional and fantasy world in which the Church should rule everything.


Then we can keep with the current status of wealth = political power as people need far more than average to finance a campaign so very few people act within people's interest.


So far I think I found two representatives and zero senators who represent my views to an extent, however need to do more research on either of them.



It's sad when out of all members of Congress I like less than 1%.


Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is tomorrow so got the girlfriend a Totoro plushie she wanted.


This is going to be interesting. Also looking for ideas as to what to do since I couldn't make reservations for anything. Seriously fudge Valentine's Day as far as the commercial outing aspect.


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See, Texas is the best state. We just have a stupid dude representing us.

I'm very aware of that, and that's thanks to that entire district being Gerrymandered for him. I mean I can't keep track of the campaigns to "Remove Lamar Smith from office".

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