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My parents hate me now.

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I finally told my parents that I'm gay and that I'm an athiest.


After a few seconds my mom looked me in the eyes and said she hated me.


My dad just started crying.



EDIT: Story time!


So this whole thing started like my day always starts, with my mom and I arguing about rick santorum. She is very, very conservative and very, very christian. The debate got pretty heated and we where beginning to yell at each other, she said something about rick santorum not supporting gays and how she hated gays, and right there, without any hesitation,, I screeched "WELL THEN YOU MUST HATE ME BECAUSE I'M GAY!".... at the same time my dad walked in.


Both of them stood there in shocked silence, my mom said she hated m, my dad start crying saying "Why are you lying?"


I wasn't lying...

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i dont see how this comment is meant to help me feel better at all.

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oh sorry


i'm just confused


Your parents will understand, it's just the initial change. Your their son, they love you.

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Worst thing to tell your parents at the same time.


It actually wasn't even intended... I'll edit the post with the story.

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Least it's over and done with! No spending years wondering how to break the news to them.There's nothing wrong with what you said or what you do so don't take shizzle from them about it. Ignore ithigh five dude

making moves already? :eyebrows:

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If your mother is true to her Christian ways she will let God be your final judge.


Hate is the devils work :(.


I feel for you!

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it sucks but hey, how important to you is your parents approval if it means being someone youre not?


and I'm sure she doesn't hate you, she's probably just shocked.

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i felt like this was troll

but now not sure




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If your parents are the way you describe them, there may not have ever been a "best time" to come out. There's nothing wrong in telling them, and you can't control there reaction. You can only be yourself and be honest, and that's what you were doing. Best of luck, and congrats.

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