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who claim that God told them to run and claim they are Christian....


Have any of them read the Bible? Because all of them have committed sins according to the Bible that are to be punished with death. Honestly, especially the whole Santorum belief that the Bible should be the law of the land... he is aware that bearing false witness is to be punished by stoning to death right? And he has on several occasions made up statistics...



I still don't like any of my choices for President.


Paul and Huntsman are my favored at the moment, but to be honest I still drastically disagree with both of them.


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Yeah...I'm pretty sure Newt promising a moon colony in the next 8 years is one of his lies. Either that or he actually believes we can do that.


In which case he's insane.

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Newt thinks he can make a colony on the moon in 8 years and NASA is totally revamping their space program to accommodate for new rocket designs


thats hilarious


also huntsman dropped out

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And I thought Cain was the ultimate joke. Then Santorum comes out of his shell to the very extreme recently.



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