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Still trying to survive College. Only two more months!



I am on Spring Break. I needed this break. I have one week off. I am not working. I do not have any homework. This is nice. Let me tell you about my life in the past couple of weeks. I started off my last blog by saying that college sucks. Guess what? My feelings are the same. My classes are all still very stupid, my professors are really just annoying, and if it were not for my involvement I would not be in college right now. I have never hated classes so much. It is not just about working hard. I have no problem doing that. I just do not like wasting time, and frankly my classes waste my time and just do not challenge me. Let's review my classes.


SPN335 - Advanced Conversation and Composition

7:45am-8:50am MWF

I currently have a 0% in this class, and I will be dropping the Monday I come back to college. Basically, I received no credit for any of the first three essays that I wrote because the professor grades on our writing process and not on our final paper. I think this is stupid. I know how to write an essay. I do not need to be graded on how I put the paper together. Our grade is divided like this: 35% notes from articles we read, 25% notes from the movie we are watching, 15% from our bibliography, 10% from our theme and thesis,10% rough draft, and the final copy is 5%. We start preparing our paper barely after beginning the movie. After maybe 15 minutes of watching the movie, I need to come to class with an academic article relating to the movie and I need my theme on what I am writing the paper. Are you serious? I need to watch this movie first and let it digest. Then, I can begin to research some themes. How am I supposed to get an idea for the movie after only 15 minutes? Everything is so fast, and I know it's college. It's also way too early in the morning. Also, everything is in Spanish, and movie Spanish sucks. My advisor told me it took her years to be able to understand a English movie without subtitles. How the hell am I supposed to do that in one semester? The professor does not even give us Spanish subtitles.


I should not be in this class as a freshman. It kicked my ass. And that's okay. Now I know (1) receive transfer credit when I study abroad in Spain, or (2) take this class after studying abroad or when it is offered at any other hour besides before 8:00AM. Dropping this class makes me a part-time student, which is not good. So I need to add at least 3 credits to replace this class. My advisor approved independent study for me for the rest of the semester. And it sucks because she is making me study literature. I hate Spanish literature. Some of it is cool, but I hate it. I want to work on speaking, and she is not letting me. Why does everything have to be about literature? I should have went linguistically with Spanish. I care more about syntax and communication in Spanish. I do not care about old literature. Especially when I cannot understand it. This makes me hate the Spanish major. There is no advanced class to work on conversation. Spanish 335 should be doing that, but it does not. French 335 focuses on speaking and oral fluency. Same with German 335. NOT MOVIE RESEARCH! I'm just mad. I can't believe I failed a Spanish class. Thankfully I am dropping within the drop time.


MTH243 - Calculus III

9:05am-9:55am MTWF

This is getting better. I am not worried. Dropping Spanish 335 gives me a lot more time to focus on this class, as previously, I was devoting everything to 335 and not sleeping, therefore skipping this class.


SPN221 - Spanish Conversation

10:10am-11:00am MW

Same comments from last blog: "This class only meets twice a week. It's boring, and too easy. The students in the class can't put any sentence together. Only like 4 of us can actually converse without having to toss some English in each sentence. I don't understand why I am in this class. Well, I do. It's part of my major. I just wish it wasn't so awful."


LAS200 - Enduring Questions for An Intercultural World

1:15pm-2:30pm TTH

I have a B+! Hooray! Same comments otherwise: "This is a core class that everyone has to take. It's all philosophical about what it means to be human. I haven't done a single reading for this class. I don't even think I have a grade. Not sure entirely what is going on, but the class only has eleven of us, and it's in a lounge. Warm, comfortable, easy for now."


In other news:

  • I dropped Spanish Club. It became too academic and no longer fun.
  • VP Operations for IFC has been amazing and rewarding. I prepared my first budget. Scary.
  • I was accepted to be a Resident Assistant. I accepted the job for next year.
  • I did not get Summer Orientation Leader. I got Welcome Weekend Orientation Leader, but that's not worth it.
  • I do not think I will continue with Education for high school. I am looking toward higher education.
  • I guess I will continue with Spanish and Math because it's decent and fun.
  • I feel really bad dropping the Spanish major. I just want it to stop being awful. I just no longer enough it, and I am already in the 300 level classes.
  • I'm just kind of miserable. This blog makes me happy. I love reading every comment you guys post.
  • I miss Runescape sometimes. But I know I should not and could not devote time to it right now.
  • I love being in a fraternity. My brothers are amazing, and I always have so much fun with them, and they support me.
  • Beginning college classes at 7:45am is stupid. Screw all the deans and professors who think that.


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