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Cool new game + suck it nerds



During ICT today, a friend of mine wrote a script that would make the CD-ROM drive or whatever it's called open randomly. Which was fun, until he changed it so it would close immediately after. So we got this idea to shoot hoops with our USB drives before it closed, which was EPIC until the teacher caught on.


On another note, at the start of the year the table I sit at in Maths had five people in it. Then two of them decided to move to another table because, let's face it, the remaining two friends and I can be very distracting as we don't have particularly long attention spans (and I'll admit to being the catalyst - I think they'd all sit there quietly and work if I wasn't there). So we got back the results of our internal today and everyone remaining at our table got Excellence (for those who are unaware how our marking system works, there are four stages - Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit, Excellence), so we made sure to rub it in against the people who moved (I think one got E and one got M). I was particularly surprised with my mark, but anyway, who's complaining.


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