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6.08pm Tick 11 on the Spirit Tree

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Merch Gwyar


Looks like my Bonus XP Weekend will start tomorrow, not today. ;_; Just after 6pm, I logged on to check on my spirit tree. It's in the 11th tick, which means that it's nearly there. But I would have reset that tick by logging on and off again.


(And I couldn't stay logged on with the multiplier ticking. *sigh*)




i have no-one to blame for this but myself. I know that two and a half days sometimes turns into three days, in Jagex's world, but I wasn't there on Monday planting the thing. I left it to the 11th hour, then logged on three times during the week.


By my calculations, i can't start BXPW until about midnight tonight - 12 hours after it started. *sigh* Either that or give up on the spirit trees, which is a lot of XP down the drain.


I've spent the day researching and half writing an article instead. Now i have a blinding headache. I hope the rest of you are having a better start to your bonus weekend.

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I haven't started yet, btw do different countries celebrate mothers day on different dates? -_-

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Yes, they do. If you're British, it's on Sunday. But it happens on different days in the year, depending on your nation.

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I am so sorry about the delay in starting your bonus wknd,but on the bright side you do look good :P




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Oh, I'll live. <3


I've had something to eat, an Ibruprofen and a lie down. Something amongst that lot worked. I'm feeling much better now and my headache is gone/masked. All I need now is for the bloody tree to grow. LOL

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got the same problem...One of my spirit tree, -actually the same as yours, didn't grow....and I planted them on Tuesday night (wednesday early morning in the UK)...I lost some 25k XP I guess...


Good luck Merch for tomorrow

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Nearly the same time as me, in the same place. I wonder if it's a thing there, with many people doing it, that pushed it to the maximum growing time rather than the minimum. Or just bad luck and bad planning. Probably the latter!


Good luck with your BXPW too. :wub: I'm going to give it until midnight, then come in.

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