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Pedophillia in Runescape

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After hearing Merch Gwyar's information on the state of pedophillia in Runescape (and the internet as a whole, no doubt), she has written a brilliant article outlining the key points, dangers and what you can do.


You can read the entire article (and it's a must-read for everyone) here: http://wizzley.com/runescape-paedophiles-cyberbullies/?pr=1976


Whilst I know it's an issue that it's easy to make light of and sweep to one side, it is a real problem, and one that I personally feel the community as a whole should be aware of.


So please try and keep the comments sensible on this one guys :)

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I was on RS 4-5 months ago and a pedo was trying to get me to give him my phone number so I could come over and "play runescape".


It is most definitely an issue, and people need to be more careful.

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Really? Did you report him?Glad that you didn't give him your number. <3


Yeah, jagex didn't do anything about it. I found him still playing and trying to lure kids 2 months later.

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That's outrageous. :( Did you have any screenshots/evidence to show them too?


Yes, I don't have them anymore though.

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*slaps redmonke*Santa - That's too bad. :( Keeping evidence is ftw.


My pc crashed and I had to wipe the hdd, so yeah :/

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Personally, I think this is the kind of article that gives journalism a bad name.


Don't get me wrong, while I'm hardly a supporter of pedophilia, racism or internet bullying, I am a strong supporter of journalists and writers avoiding the pitfall of selling out for increased interest and attention.


See, when I read that article, you immediately get the focus on pedophilia because... that's basically everything the headline and the lead sentence focus on, is pedophilia, which as it turns out, is utterly misleading.


Considering a mere fraction of the article actually deals with pedophilia, and that part is merely an example of an incident which I'm sure you could find anywhere on the internet (even here on this forum), it's just highly speculative and a poor article.


I'm not even sure I get the intention of the article. Is it to point out that RuneScape is an unsafe game? That pedophiles exist everywhere, even in innocent computer games? First things first, RuneScape is hardly an unsafe game from a pure management point of view. JaGEx have done far more safe things than most other game companies out there, so portraying the game would either be an act of ignorance, spite or idiocy and I doubt neither of these can be attributed to Merch.

This leads me to believe that the idea is to bring awareness to the fact that children are in danger, no matter what one assumes is safe or not, on the rather vast world wide web. However, again, I must wonder.... could you really not point that out in a better way?


We should dilligently teach any children and youth today to browse the internet in a safe and anonymous manner, making sure they don't trust individuals over the digital flow of information or give out sensitive information, but scaring naive, tech-ignorant parents into drastic measures is never a solution. Such parents always tend to freak out over articles like this, and despite them being clueless/ignorant about how the internet tend to work, they only want the very best and safest for their children, so they're hardly to blame for doing such drastic things in the first place. So, who's to blame? Simple, it's the writers and journalists that write poor articles such as this, rather wanting the attention or by not realizing what they're actually writing, and thus causing issues.


Heck, we've all seen it. How many times have people not heard that a movie, game, an artist or a hobby is utterly unsafe? Well, sure, there's always horror stories, but anyone willing to say that it's a problem that creates an unsafe enviroment is just misguided or worse.


Ironically, journalism like this (in general, worldwide) tend to ruin more lives than pedophilia ever manage to, but no one seem to focus on that. :closedeyes:

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Agree'd with Yuanrang. This stuff does happen, but it happens everywhere all the time. I'm not supporting it, but you shouldn't just say "RS is such a bad game there's paedophiles everywhere!". Rather, just say there are dangers on the Internet and how you can help your kid avoid all the nasty things (like not giving away personal info. etc.).

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ya i agree with yuanrang as well


what the heck is the point of the article????

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