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Trevorghost's Trip to Insight Venture Partners

Merch Gwyar


A player named Trevorghost has visited the offices of Insight Venture Partners on behalf of the Runescape players.


He took with him printed sheets from the forum. One contained nearly 8k names of people in opposition to microtransactions. The other had the first few pages from the 15.5k strong main thread about it. In all of those pages, only one person had anything positive to say about Squeal of Fortune.


This is what happened next:




The thread became locked three pages later, but the last post was from a JMod:




Also the forums are buzzing with news that some JMods have resigned/been fired over the microtransactions and Squeal of Fortune in particular. There is no firm evidence behind this, but it feels a little more than 'they should all be sacked'. The relevant threads are being shut down by Forum Mods, who state that employee relations are not for public speculation. It's between the individuals and their employers.


If JMods have walked out over this, then I applaud them, but I also feel desperately worried on their behalf. Britain is not a place to be out of work at the moment.


Edit: And this was my response to that.


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He asked for an appointment with a manager concerning one of their investments, and was told to get out of the building when the assistant realised there was no money to be made from him.


Pretty shizzle treatment for a company that's made $5bn and has a lot of investors.

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I saw that. If he's not arranged to meet them, what can he expect?

There's also no reason to believe JMods are quitting as a result of this - I saw one claim in the max forums about why a certain mod had left. However, I happen to know that actual reasoning behind their leaving, so I don't buy into it.


It's a shizzle move with the squeal - but now isn't the time to act like an idiot. If you want to present a case, do so in a proper manner.

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He asked for an appointment with a manager concerning one of their investments, and was told to get out of the building when the assistant realised there was no money to be made from him.Pretty shizzle treatment for a company that's made $5bn and has a lot of investors.

Companies don't grow to make 5 billion by letting random kids off the street speak with senior staff members, especially not without an appointment. That would be an absurd waste of time on their part, and the only person being unreasonable is the cabbage-lover kid who thought he could march into a corporate setting and demand a meeting.


What a potato peddler.

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Lilshu & Venom make valid points, but you have to admire the spunk Trevor showed in trying to meet someone to resolve the issue. It may not have been "proper channels" but it beats flailing about on the forums.

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As someone who's done more than her fair share of being on reception, and as someone who was once a regional administrator dealing with major events, I found two things appalling here.


The first was the lack of professionalism at the company; and the second is that so many of you seem to accept that as right and proper. Wat Tyler died to end feudalism. Just stating that for the record.


People are always coming in off the street, whom your boss doesn't want to ever encounter. The trick is to keep everyone happy. If events did play out as described here, and we have no reason to doubt Trevorghost on this one, then major breaches of business occurred.


They had no idea who he was. They have no idea who he'll become.


One day, that man calling him a 'little punk' and threatening him with the police could be facing Trevorghost over the negotiating table. It could be a license, It could be an investment deal. It could be an audience with the President of the United States. Then where would that leave Insight Venture Partners?


You stay professional, no matter what the provocation nor the apparent minor inconvenience. If you value your business and your career, you always remain professional.


So what would I have done in his place? (And I have been in similar situations.) I would have been diplomatic. I would have found out the reason for his visit with politeness and my whole body language stating that I'm interested.


I would have explained that it's highly unlikely that Jeff Horing would be able to see him and I'd have apologized for that. I would have then offered to take his paperwork (petitions and all) and I'd have assured him that I'd personally see that they reach Mr Horing's desk.


Trevorghost leaves happy, feeling accomplished. I walk away with the paperwork. Then, when I meet him again, 10 years in the future, and he's sitting on the panel judging my deal/my job application/my health and safety procedures or whatever else, I'm already looking at a friend.


That is business.


As for 'no-one has the right to so much as ask to speak with important people'... go touch your forelocks somewhere else. The feudal state died in the 14th century and you'll do yourselves no favours wishing it back.


I could 'phone Buckingham Palace right now and request an audience with the Queen. I doubt I'd get one, but I have the right to ask. And I expect to have a professional at the other end of the 'phone earning their wage in making me feel satisfied that I'd been turned down.


That is professionalism.

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For awhile playing rs I really liked Jagex, Jagex didn't seem like one of those companies that would pull some stupid crap that would make me burn with fury and curse the ideals of those who run the company. It has come to pass that Jagex has become one of these such companies, that are becoming ever more common. Jagex took a long downward slope for me and I will most likely end up quiting runescape entirely not becouse I hate the game, but becouse I hate the company.


What is this corporate disease that destroys companies that I had some hope in. How is it that a company that once held my esteem so high can drop so low. Nearly every good quality that I used to be able to say about Jagex has been turned upside down by there actions. In truth I have come to fear, and to be angry at companies. The consumers are left to dry for that ever growing greed, that seemingly consumes the companies themselfs and makes them into a tattered flag of what they used to stand for.


-rant over for awhile I suppose... sad face-

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