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Starting tomorrow.

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Starting tomorrow, you are going to grab life by the fudgeing balls. Why? Because you're alive, because you are sapient, because you are capable, and because you god damn want to.


Go out there and fudgeing live with no fear and no regret. If someone hurts you, you say fudge them and truly let it go. Tell that pretty girl how you really feel, what's the worst that can happen? She says no and you go back to not talking to her? At least you can say you have some balls. Go on a trip, be exposed to something that will scare the shizzle out of you. Exercise, at least smoke a joint and go for a walk every now and then. Laugh, cry, stop hiding your fudgeing emotions. Do drugs, explore your own mind, or stay sober. Leave the job you hate, is it really worth it or are you just too lazy to strive for something better? Learn to do something that you think is cool. Be social, or be alone, who the fudge cares? Let go of society, it's a piece of shizzle structure. Let go of money and materialism, you're more brainwashed than you'd like to admit. Let go of hate, there is something to appreciate in everything. Stop being so judgmental, realize that everyone's story is just as intricate as your own. Show others kindness instead of contempt and it will be returned to you. Realize that you're badass as all fudge and then fudgeing act like it. You know what you want better than anyone else does, so go after it and fudge everyone else's expectations; they've got their own shizzle to deal with anyway. Do what you want to do for no reason other than wanting to fudgeing do it.


Understand that you are the result of generations upon generations of happenstance, of complete total fudgeing coincidence and timing. Understand that if your parents hadn't fudgeed at the exact moment that they did, you would not exist. Understand that (presumably since you're on the internet) you were born into at least enough money to get by, in a time where so many things are handed to us. Understand that it's all flashing before your eyes and that you will die one day, and you will be gone and eventually, you will be forgotten entirely. Understand what a diminutive speck you are in the grand scheme of existence. Understand how small you are within the universe, and that everything you know and love is nothing. You are a tiny, insignificant grain on a pebble floating through infinity. Everything around and inside you is chaos and chemical reactions, you are a chemical reaction.


So fudgeing live your life to the fullest because at the end of the day, you're nothing. So you may as well have some fudgeing fun.



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Starting tomorrow you should shave that fudgeing goatee and stop wearing flatbills and Aeropostale tees. IMO.

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Starting tomorrow you should shave that fudgeing goatee and stop wearing flatbills and Aeropostale tees. IMO.


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