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Auto Muting



As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I was muted last Sunday for unknown reasons. A J-Mod removed my mute only a few hours after I sent an email to Account Help, which kinda made everything OK.


What I have since learned is that I was likely the victim of a recent update for Auto Muting. Auto Muting works by identifying certain key words that are typed in-game and automatically silencing the speaker in a shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach. In theory, this can apply to public, private and clan chats.


For example, a bot advertising 'XYZ company Gold for sale' could be recognized by either the 'XYZ' or the 'Gold for sale' part. There are several P-Mods in my clan who told stories of people getting Auto Muted even for saying things like 'XYZ is a gold farmer, add to your ignore list'. BAM, they were Auto Muted even for mentioning 'XYZ'. Early on, there were even stories of people be being muted for just say ‘Selling Gold Ore’. Guess Jagex is still working out the kinks to the system.


Here's a RS Forum thead where a player has been Auto Muted and a J-Mod responds and un-mutes the guy. There are many of these posts in the forums ATM.




I might have been muted because when I did my assist in world 117, I quickly repeated: 'offer 97 farm' over and over, perhaps 10-15 times. This might have been considered auto-typing (which I am a little flattered by actually because I think type slow.)


Also, if you have noticed that the advertising bots at the GE are now slower than before and they have added a series of seemingly random characters to their text. RWT do this to throw off the Auto Mute algorithms.


I guess we should all just be a little more careful what we say – collateral damage due to the war on bots.


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Related, there's some offensive language in there.



There was also a clip of someone with the name of said site that sells gold, and when a second player asked a group of other players to identify the goldsite player.. you understand.

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collateral damage
soo... we're kinda a liability


Hee hee - I agree. It would be much easier for Jagex to combat RWT if there weren't so many players getting in the way. ;)

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