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Pictures from Fred's Leaving Party

Merch Gwyar


















That's the remaining people crying after Fred logged out.


Sorry I didn't get everyone on this! I was too busy helping set, then stamping on balloons while we were all there. Then only started taking proper party pics after most of Canting had left!


We did get a star turn-out though. Spirit of RS turned up to say goodbye to Fred in person. Spirit of RS is one of Runescape's most passionate player defenders on the RSOF.




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What does player defender mean?

Oh and you guys are hugging! :wub:

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The Honor was truly mine. I never had the privilege of getting to know Fred Gwyar. He graciously sent me an invitation to join Canting when I asked to join, and I am very grateful to have met him, and all of the fine people here.


I can see that he was loved, and will be missed greatly in RuneScape. I will get to know him vicariously through his friends and Canting though, for I'm sure that he has left his mark here in the clan, and in their hearts.


Merch, your compliment, I'm speechless.......

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No one threw a Runescape party for me... :( forever alone?

Did you offer to host one, as Fred did? With some sort of added incentive like a drop party so you'd all have something to do?


As regards this blog post, Fred was an inspiration. Always there to generously help others and a wonderful member of the clan. I'm sad to see him go, but I hope he enjoys his new extra time.

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