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No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

Merch Gwyar


Before I go into the fine detail about my trip to Jagex, I want to address the contentious issues of Squeal of Fortune and the NDA. I know that many of you reading will only be interested in those, so it'll save you wading through the rest of my waffle.


There was a NDA, as we all knew that there would be. It wasn't the one on the door, that everyone has to sign. It was a separate, single-side of A4 letter, which was handed to me by Mod Poppy. It was in plain English, not legal speak, and it did not even seek to silence me beyond the hours spent in Jagex Studios. Even then, we're talking restrictions, rather than shut up about it. In a nutshell, the NDA stops me giving away spoilers or compromising player safety or game security. As far as I'm concerned that's fair enough.


As for Squeal of Fortune, I knew my duty there. It was to ensure that I'd raised player objections wherever and whenever the opportunity arose to do so. I did that. I crow-barred some opportunities into the mix. I handed over the Sal's Realm questions, which mentioned it. I talked about it constantly throughout the afternoon. Poor Mod Poppy, Mod Murray and Mod Emma F heard it so often that they must have inwardly cringed whenever someone inadvertently gave me an opening. They all had the patience of saints and never once told me to STFU with SoF protests already! Short of standing in the stairwell or central courtyard and screaming it, so that even the people working on Transformers, 8Realms and the like heard all about it, there's little more that I could have done.


With the emphasis on 'little more'. I was halfway down the motorway when it occurred to me that I'd missed the biggest opportunity of all. I'm sorry. I called myself every form of freaking noob when I realised, but by then I was roughly at junction 28 of the A14, battling through a torrential downpour in the dark, and the moment had long since past. Right at the end of the day, I'd briefly bumped into Paul Gower. I should have complained to him about Squeal of Fortune, but it didn't cross my mind. I don't know why. It had more than crossed my mind all day long to the point where I sounded like a stuck record. All I can think is that the tour was officially over with Mod Poppy just ninja-ing an extra hour on the end (in her own time) to show me the rest of the building. I was tired, hiding cramps, but utterly fascinated by all that I was seeing. I relaxed too soon and for that I'm really sorry.


If my remit was to waltz in there and get Squeal of Fortune taken down right now, then I was never going to win. If it was to get the words said, the impact understood, the pure emotion of feeling that we're all losing our game, then I did it. Hand on heart, I can say that dozens of J Mods heard that plea. They all listened intently. None of them apologised for it.Your Tweets and Facebook messages, while I was there, helped too. I did my absolute best.


I was invited as a guest of player support only as a result of an article I wrote on Internet Safety and as much as I tried to crowbar SoF into every conversation Mod Murray made clear from the moment I arrived that we wouldn’t be discussing it that day, we would be discussing only player support related matters. I don't even have any impressions to share with you about the future of micro-transactions. I wish I had.


For the rest of the trip, I'm going to unfortunately have to direct you over to Wizzley. Sorry!


Recommended Comments

I'm guessing that as this is under the restrictions of an NDA, chances are that it will have been edited in some way shape or form and most likely won't be what Merch originally wrote. This may not be the case but as Merch is known for her lengthy (most certainly in a good way) blogs, this seems to be a tad on the short side for something as big as visiting Jagex HQ. I mean, look at blogs such as this for example. The Wizzley article is definitely more in-depth, but again it has probably been changed...


That being said, both articles have made for an interesting read and I suggest that everyone reads both! :cheers:

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LOL Are you saying that I waffle too much. :P It's a fair cop.


I'm remembering that day in the citadel now with your link there. For the record, our citadel looks much posher now. We have tons of stuff and we've worked hard on raising our tiers. Much kudos goes to MsClick, Warlock and Teacuptime for all of their organisation there.

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Your waffling is most enjoyable! I also see you're skirting the questions almost as much as our T7 skirting boards of which you should be jealous ;)

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Canting citadel skirting board > Sal's citadel skirting board any day. Even if yours is tier 7, ours is carved out of pure :wub:


Yes, there was an NDA. No, I can't disclose everything accordingly, therefore blogs have received permission before publishing them.

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thanks Merch for taking on your time to share our views with Jagex...I should send you a green T-shirt "Stop SoF" to wear next time you pose for a pic with a Paul btw....:P

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Sounds like they treated you well, though not surprised that they didn't speak about SoF. Micro-transactions are new to the company and I'm guessing management, especially the old-guard, is still trying to culturally come to terms with their new corporate identity. 10 years of a previous business model is tough to change.


I look forward to reading the Wizzley post. And thank you for all your efforts and contributions to the RS community. Surely there are other things that you could be doing with your time. I feel fortunate that you have chosen to give so much of yourself to this game and share your thoughts in such an elegant manner.

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I don't know what their thoughts were there. I wasn't given anything to go on more than I've mentioned in the blog. :(


You're very welcome. I'm passionate about this game, so I'm happy to do it. Though I'm getting a very bitter taste in my mouth about it of late.

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Merch, I see you apologizing for a missed chance to "crowbar" some SoF questions into the Gower's. Please don't do that again OK, because your efforts by far, have carried more voice in your singular visit, than our thousands of voices combined. You bore us on your shoulders while you visited for something unrelated and we greatly appreciate you for that. If anything, I feel sorry that the SoF, and our concerns caused even the slightest dark cloud over your visit to Jagex.


Having said that, you championed us, you did your best, and you did it proudly as a true passionate player of RuneScape and a member of the community. I have not been in Canting long, but I can certainly say, that I am proud to be here.


Now, I need to go find that article that lead to you being invited to visit Jagex! I have read the ending, without having seen the beginning! (rushes off to read!)*


Thank you Merch :)


*EDIT: removed something that was in retrospect poorly stated.

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They don't want to talkkkkkkkk.

Does RuneShark work for Jagex. The three of you look cool. :P

GL Merch! :wub:

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Tasoansteel - Thank you for your comments here and on Wizzley. :wub: And thanks for understanding. <3


Hilbrande - Not about SoF nope. :P No, Runeshark are players too. I think that they made me look cool! :wub:

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Merch, thank you for taking the community's concerns straight to Jagex. Even though it seems like they aren't willing to budge on the SoF just yet, you gave it your best and that's what counts! :ice:

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Ah, I did read the first article that you wrote. I didn't post on that particular one for personal reasons, although, I have had some concerns of my own over the years in regards to the topic. I saw a lot of checks and balances in RuneScape, and have since left behind most of those concerns. Your new article clearly shows just how dedicated the Jagex team is to player safety, on so many levels.


And, it is a true comfort knowing that players like you and Canting are around to help bolster Jagex's security efforts. ^_^

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Sal - Thank you, cariad. And thanks too for the stand that Sal's Realm made on this. :wub:


Tasoansteel - I'm confident that Jagex is doing all it can on the issue. At the end of the day, there has to be some back up from the parents and guardians here too. I doubt that Canting and I are alone here. :D


Sregit - :D {{{{hugs}}}}


Kamil - It was a good day, despite the pressure! Mod Poppy is lovely.


Lonely - Yay! LOL

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I'm sorta sympathetic for them. They are trying to do a good job, write fun quests, add new areas and the like. But people keep ignoring all that for one issue.


On the other hand, I can't bring myself to play the game again. Even the same old things (firemaking, smelting, runecrafting) I don't really want to do any more. :s

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MFI and I are having this exact same conversation in Skype right now. How all of the bad feeling is sullying everything else. I've been trying out Runespan today and really liked it, but that's the only significant game-play I've had in a while. I just see the SoF first thing. It annoys me and that leads onto seeing everything else with annoyance.

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As you mentioned once Merch, it is also all of the little side effects of the SoF that is effecting many, if not most of us. You just can't get away from it long enough to let it settle down on a personal level, unless you go into full time dungeoneering, or some other activity that hasn't yet been 'invaded' by it.


If they are going to keep the SoF, they really need to at least explore the option of letting us turn the bloody thing off, bar none.


What bothers me, is that we should 'not' have to run from this update on any level. It really is a wet blanket on all of RuneScape. :(

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Agreed on all points, cariad. A 'wet blanket' is a very apt description. I've actually been logging on, but hiding in Runespan. It's attempted to give me 3 tickets already, but I'm destroying them on sight now and just getting on with the new shiny pretties. :D

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Awwww, I am hiding in the Runespan too, and yes, I am destroying every ticket (also wishing they could be burned on the bonfires too!). I already earned my full wicked outfit and colored it 'Teal'. Now I seek my shiny level 1 Esteem and a pretty staff to match it.


I was reading your article again, and I noticed something rather symbolic about your picture "Me in the Jagex Boardroom". I wonder if Mod Poppy caught the connection there, and its hidden meaning, so to speak, as you pointed your finger across the table at the empty seats, mentally expressing every single word that we all wanted to say to Jagex. Empty there, as it also seems so barren on the RSOF, often times devoid of Gold Posts and some simple return feedback.


I think the Board of Directors would shake in their seats to face you Merch....oh indeed, they would shake in trepidation, as you gave them so many what for's and how dare you's! Though I am confident that you could do it with so much more finesse than many of us could even imagine doing. ;)



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