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No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

Merch Gwyar


Before I go into the fine detail about my trip to Jagex, I want to address the contentious issues of Squeal of Fortune and the NDA. I know that many of you reading will only be interested in those, so it'll save you wading through the rest of my waffle.


There was a NDA, as we all knew that there would be. It wasn't the one on the door, that everyone has to sign. It was a separate, single-side of A4 letter, which was handed to me by Mod Poppy. It was in plain English, not legal speak, and it did not even seek to silence me beyond the hours spent in Jagex Studios. Even then, we're talking restrictions, rather than shut up about it. In a nutshell, the NDA stops me giving away spoilers or compromising player safety or game security. As far as I'm concerned that's fair enough.


As for Squeal of Fortune, I knew my duty there. It was to ensure that I'd raised player objections wherever and whenever the opportunity arose to do so. I did that. I crow-barred some opportunities into the mix. I handed over the Sal's Realm questions, which mentioned it. I talked about it constantly throughout the afternoon. Poor Mod Poppy, Mod Murray and Mod Emma F heard it so often that they must have inwardly cringed whenever someone inadvertently gave me an opening. They all had the patience of saints and never once told me to STFU with SoF protests already! Short of standing in the stairwell or central courtyard and screaming it, so that even the people working on Transformers, 8Realms and the like heard all about it, there's little more that I could have done.


With the emphasis on 'little more'. I was halfway down the motorway when it occurred to me that I'd missed the biggest opportunity of all. I'm sorry. I called myself every form of freaking noob when I realised, but by then I was roughly at junction 28 of the A14, battling through a torrential downpour in the dark, and the moment had long since past. Right at the end of the day, I'd briefly bumped into Paul Gower. I should have complained to him about Squeal of Fortune, but it didn't cross my mind. I don't know why. It had more than crossed my mind all day long to the point where I sounded like a stuck record. All I can think is that the tour was officially over with Mod Poppy just ninja-ing an extra hour on the end (in her own time) to show me the rest of the building. I was tired, hiding cramps, but utterly fascinated by all that I was seeing. I relaxed too soon and for that I'm really sorry.


If my remit was to waltz in there and get Squeal of Fortune taken down right now, then I was never going to win. If it was to get the words said, the impact understood, the pure emotion of feeling that we're all losing our game, then I did it. Hand on heart, I can say that dozens of J Mods heard that plea. They all listened intently. None of them apologised for it.Your Tweets and Facebook messages, while I was there, helped too. I did my absolute best.


I was invited as a guest of player support only as a result of an article I wrote on Internet Safety and as much as I tried to crowbar SoF into every conversation Mod Murray made clear from the moment I arrived that we wouldn’t be discussing it that day, we would be discussing only player support related matters. I don't even have any impressions to share with you about the future of micro-transactions. I wish I had.


For the rest of the trip, I'm going to unfortunately have to direct you over to Wizzley. Sorry!


Recommended Comments

I think I'll probably end my subscription. Wanna "hold onto" part of my bank for me as well merch? Your blog was something that long ago raised my spirits over rs, and made me have alot more fun with the game. In fact there is one, most precious item in my bank that I would be extremely happy for you to hold onto for me... it's a pointy hat of a funny color recieved from a truly inspiring member of the rs community.

In truth there are only three things that I would really miss leaving rs at the moment.

The first would be having not finished all the quests in the game and not having an eternal quest cape (lol).

The second would be the nostalgic items that I really have rather few of since the majority of the items I worked for were taken awhile ago by an anonymous hacker (<_< wonder if i'll ever get over that)

The third would be the most missed, and that would be Canting. Canting is probably the funnest things for me in the game, with its variety of people and has been a blast. If anything makes me think about even possibly playing rs again it would be canting and the people surrounding it. (wow I'm making this alot longer that I intended, kinda just keep typing)

I think I'll have a hard time finding any player as nice as those I've met in canting. Oooh I gotta go, A bell rang! I must move!

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Tasoan - I've been camped out in there for a couple of days without properly looking up the rewards! MFI read them out to me, but that was early on and I've forgotten now. I have around 30k points, I think.


I saw it as symbolic of having no-one in a position to change SoF in the building. But your version works too!


I doubt anyone would quake. I'm crap when it comes to verbalising things. I tend to get tongue-tied and, in the words of Joolz, 'a clever speaker could out-do me easily'. I'm much better writing.


Xx3070 - You will be very greatly missed. I think back to all of the times that we've shared together in-game very fondly. It's been fun, hasn't it?


It's so sad to be saying goodbye to all of my friends one by one. I can understand why everyone is leaving (I was close to leaving myself, when the invitation to tour Jagex came in), but it's a crying shame that it has to be the case.


I'd certainly hold onto stuff, if you want to make room for ftp. Though don't you get trying to give me half of your bank as presents. It'll all come back, should SoF go and you come back.


Canting is one of the reasons that I hesitate to fully leave too. So many friends in there. So many memories. And I hate the insidious thought that the emphasis on clans in-game is to exploit those loyalties.


But while we sing the praises of our clan, remember that it includes us too. We are Canting. Us and all of the others. It's been very special indeed, hasn't it?


Take care of yourself, Xx.

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Merch, aside from the outfit and staff, maybe the pouch for 1k points. The total you will need is 25k for the full outfit, 25k for the top staff, and 2k for a recoloring (mine is now as close to teal as I could get it).


After that, there is really just esteem to use points on. I am currently #3 esteem, slowly working towards #1. I like the chat the most though with players. It has been a long time indeed since a skill was made allowing for friendly in-game chat with so many players.


I feel for everyone right now with friends leaving, it is never easy to lose friends, especially over such things as the current environment. I too was ready to quit, and coincidentally, it was the news of your visit to Jagex and the events following that has given me reason to stay. I wish that I had met you guys a long long time ago, Canting is a great group of people.


As a side note, I changed my display name today. It is now 'Spirit of RS', spelled with an oh now, I managed to snipe it today because it became available.

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Do you know if the outfit can go in a player owned house wardrobe anywhere? Don't fret if you don't. I can just stop being lazy and look it up! I've got enough for the full outfit definitely; and teal would match my hat. Is the outfit cosmetic or with bonuses?


Esteem? Ok, I'm going to stop barraging questions and go and look it up! :wub:


I'm glad that you've made yourself at home there. You are very welcome and I agree that Canting is an amazing clan to hang out with.


Woot on the name! :D


I'm off on my holidays early tomorrow, so apologies in advance if anyone comments. I'll respond to anything here when I get back. <3

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I hope you have a fun and restful holiday. :)


A player on the RSOF has expressed interest in your visit to Jagex on the "Jo Harrington Visiting Jagex" thread. She is wondering if you intend to post about it on the RSOF. I happen to know this player "Windsofnight", and she is a keen reader about such topics. Although, she can also be quite the debater, as I have had several debates with her on the RSOF lol.


Take care Merch.

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Tasoansteel - I had an amazing holiday. Wish I was still there. :D Can you link me to the thread pleaser? And I'll see what I can do. <3 Take care yourself.


Sregit - Ohai cariad. *waves*

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