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forum mods going power crazy again?

like with the release of squeel world trading


seems like the most viable option

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Ooh I remember doing Zimbardo in psychology. Very interesting.

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Wish I knew more about this. But at the same time I'll never understand how some people become/stay a mod. Plus, forum mods are just an odd breed all to themselves. =P

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It looks like a site full of adverts to botting and other cheats. Why would we want to find out more about it?


It's stuff like this which ruins the game for everyone.

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I am seriously late to this one, and I apologize deeply for that. I was witness to the events that happened there. The video doesn't show the whole truth in what Tufftypower was doing there.


The thread is gone now, and I do not have any screen shots to share, so I will try my best to reveal what I know with as much truth that I can remember.


One of my friends had posted questions regarding Merch's visit, and wanted to know if she could post the article on the RSOF. I had responded that I could attempt to 'paraphrase' her article, but didn't feel it was my place to do so. I also went on to tell him that the 'article' that Merch had been invited to Jagex for, was not an appropriate topic for the RSOF.


At that point, Slushypants came along talking in detail about a player that he had suspected for years was being abusive in RuneScape, in very inappropriate ways. His posts were negative, detailed and clearly not appropriate. For the most part, he was trolling and disputing Jagex's efforts to help protect the RS Community, and Tuffty was the Moderator that came along to deal with him.


The following posts hidden was his arguments with Tuffty, and I can say that they were rather nasty in nature. Tuffty was kind to give him the chance to behave better before he smacked him with the Banhammer.


In no way did Merch do anything to encourage this player, he earned his ban, and Tuffty was doing the right thing.

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