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Hey, do you like my friend?

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Well, this freshman chick came up to me on Friday while I was going to fill a water bottle and she says, "Hey, do you like my friend?"


(P.S.: My friends and I tend to drool all over her ass and make jokes about it when she's right next to us)


I say, "Who, the girl over there?"


"Yeah, her," the friend replied.


"Eeh, she's cute." This was said with total disinterest.


"Would you like to make out with her?" I was asked.


"If she's into that," I replied. I was caught completely off-guard.


The friend said, "Ooh, great then!" and was running towards her HB7/10 friend. I went on to mind my own business.


Well, I didn't really realize what was happening till after it happened. I was kinda on auto-pilot. From now on I just intend on doing absolutely nothing until the girls comes looking for me. I intend on doing nothing because I don't want to look desperate. Plus, if I go, "Hey, girl come over here," I don't see it working.


What's your opinion?

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She asked you this hoping you would say "Nah, I don't"


Then she thinks "Yay, maybe he likes me !! "

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1 date, treat her as kind of boring & waste of time without being rude by the end of date.....ignore/trash for next few days.... You're In!!

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