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So I renewed my membership for a month a day or two ago, just to play around. I go to good ol' World 2 to sell my Santa Hat, I'm in a trade with some other guy, he denies it, and then my chrome browser crashed. I log back in, and my Santa Hat is gone! Anyone know what happened?


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I have absolutely no idea how that could have happened.

Scour your bank, your inventory, your worn items, your money pouch. Then speak to a banker and check it hasn't somehow ended up being lent out.


I know these sound like really obvious things to check, but, I can't think of any other possibilities. Hopefully you find it!

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before you do that^ don't enter your bank pin...do a virus scan, because you might have been hacked with a key logger...happened to me.

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Nothing in the scan, not in my bank either. Looks like I'm out all that $$$

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ouch..guessing you were hacked :( or it could be a glitch..maybe its in your lent inventory, or the person accepted and you thought they declined...check your money pouch and bank..

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I would cry. :(

Still, look around.

Ask the guy who you traded too.

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