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American Gods



Just finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Awesome book. It's like Percy Jackson for adults. Anyone who likes Percy Jackson or fantasy should try it out. It's a bit long, but worth it. :)


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now go get the follow up "anansi boys"btw HBO is working on a television series of American Gods :)


Yeah I'll be reading Anansi Boys later this summer :) I really hope that Gaiman writes a full sequel and not just a spinoff. I really want him to continue Shadow's story (especially with the stuff that you find out near the end of the book)


And I heard about the HBO series. It sounds really exciting :o I wonder who they'll cast for Shadow

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yeah it's a spinoff


Gaiman doesn't have a long enough attention span for sequels me thinks :P

I can't recall any sequel made by him, or at least not when the original work was his (like the Eternals comics which he restarted)


but he had one long running series: Sandman

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I read the Author's Preferred Text. I want to buy the book - the original version has such a nice cover that's also clean but the author's preferred text is drowned out with reviews and advertising stuff. Really annoying. Kind of shallow I know but it bothers me :P

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