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I just feel so empty lately.


It's Thursday and I've already worked 47 hours this week. I'm off today and tomorrow but I'm likely to be called in and I really don't even care. Sunday I'm working at least 9 hours.


I just stopped trying to talk to girls. I was talking to a few, but now I don't even really talk to anybody. I'm fortunate that I have a few friends who invite me to hang out every few days and I do my best to get out of the house, but I just really don't care anymore.


So now I lay here in my room, sweating like crazy with the AC on high because I have tomorrow off.


As for work, I'm hardly even trying anymore. I'm showing up, doing my job, and leaving. If I need to stay late to finish my job, then so be it. Brian is already putting me on the path for KM so I have not much to even worry about. At this point it's just a matter of getting good at prep. I don't even have to master it or be fast, I just need to have some sense of urgency as to how fast certain things need to get done/get used up. It doesn't help that I'm practically training myself and he always schedules me with one of the slowest prep people... who also is training herself. And is hot as fudge.


But all this mindless flirting with her and any girl that I even come across on a daily basis, it's not even intentional. It's really just a part of my personality now, and I find it easier to at least crack a smile and make people laugh because of it. I went to visit my high school the other day and one of my old teachers said I had a silver tongue after chatting for around 45 minutes.


If any of you are wondering about Vicky, well, that's done. She talks to me at work, but that's really it. She's pretty sure I hate her, which, she did lead me on but I just don't even really care anymore. I'd talk to her if she wanted to still be friends.


Jen texted me the other day and told me that Joe cheated on her with Sarah (my ex). I asked her why she was telling me that, and she said she wanted to get back at him. Still haven't heard back from her since that day, but whatever. Not really paying any mind to that either.


Oh, and I've really gotten into Reddit lately. I'm casually posting on /r/IAmA and /r/casualiama, but I mostly browse funny, TIL, and wtf.


I'm about 500k ish from 99 herblore. Don't even have the motivation to log in anymore. Haven't even started up D3 in like two weeks now. I pass the time by working and watching white collar.

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+1 On the watching white collar. If you ever need a RuneScape buddy my RS name is Kilablunts. Holla at if anything.

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It's good that you've been browsing Reddit. It's a great place to be.


Go to /askreddit if you ever need advice, there's some seriously smart people on that.

/Todayilearned you're using, it's intriguing

Same with /IAmA


If you have masturbation issues, /nofap is the way to go..

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