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Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

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Merch Gwyar


Canting Away met Sal's Realm of Runescape in Soul Wars today. Naturally Canting emerged victorious! Thank you very much for those players on both sides, who came to join in.


I do love my clan! I love the healthy mix of terrifying fighters and laid-back skillers, which lead to comments like these:






I'm soooo ferocious that I will hold my meetings in the cooking guild and delay preparing for the fight, because I'm too busy cooking sardines after strange stones! Rawr!


All skilling done, it was off to Soul Wars in world 71. Plenty of people were milling about the place, which made me nervous. I thought they were all Sal's people. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were random skillers using the one click bank. While a dozen Canters amassed, there were only two or three members of Sal's Realm there!



Canting Away ready to take on the hordes of Sal's, but...



Yes, Helm, we soooo can have that on the record!


In the end, Luftwaffe swapped sides, just so we could get this party moving. So yes, a Canting member was over there! Later on, it transpired that some other strangers were there too. They weren't anything to do with Canting.


I can only surmise that they had been in the Soul Wars lobby and just joined in. Apparently they were trolling Sal's members. If that had been someone from Canting, then I'd have have Stern Words. The only true Canter fighting for Sal's was Luftwaffe and he did attack us. I know because the git nearly killed me once!


It was a fun fight in Soul Wars. For a while it seems that Sal's were going to win. They had our avatar down to 24%. I went on Operation Collect Bones and managed to knock the slayer level up to 95. That 24% didn't get any lower after that. Meanwhile, our lot were fighting all over the world. I've never seen the areas change hands so often.


Finally Oldmaroon ran by telling me to get to their avatar. It was nearly dead! I legged it all the way there, only to be viciously slaughtered by MFI and Sellador within sniffing distance of the avatar. ;_;


It was no matter though, because the rest of Canting was up there and the Sal's avatar was finally dead. Woot! We managed to keep it like that until the end. Canting 1 - Sal's 0!




Canting immediately rushed back into the blue waiting area, only to discover half of Sal's in there with us. LOL It soon became obvious that a rematch wasn't going to happen. With the reputation of Sal's Realm trampled firmly into that accursed soil, we relocated to Fight Pits.


Being one on one, I only lasted to the final two or three because I wasn't much of a challenge to kill (and I hid a lot). I did manage to win one Fight Pits round! Though to be fair, there was only Warlock left and he 'accidentally' took off all of his armour, recalled his familiar and forgot to hit me back. He even tipped me off that I was using the wrong prayer. -.- But who cares?! I won Fight Pits!




Once again, thank you all who came to defend the honour of our respective clans. That was a lot of fun! And a particular thanks to Sellador (for Sal's) and Warlock (for Canting), who organized it all. :wub:

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The only thing I took from this blog was "Warlcok". Ref. first image. :D

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Sellador was there though. I emptied loads of arrows into him at one point. Ok, he then finished killing Warlock and turned around to kill me, but that's not the point.

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While events like these are regularly held @ 6-8pm GMT (4-6 AM local time) you can count on me forgetting to turn up every time. Unless you'd like to take the brats off my hands for 48 hrs so I can get enough sleep before/after/botth to cope with the hour.

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Sregit - Yes! We should!


Bwauder - Awww. :( What would be a better time for you?

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Thx, but its not worth changing things around.

Unless things change dramatically, I should already be retired & the membership I extended ( under pressure :P ) will be out by September. F2P events only after that if I even realise they're on.

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Then we should get at least one event in before September that you can join in with. Give us a time and see how we go.

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Yeah! Let's do something again before beta!

Maybe some f2p cw on July 14. :)

Lets do that ^

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