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Puppy meets the cat

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Rascal, about six years old, is my sister's cat. To put it bluntly, he is an goosedown. Today the puppy got to meet him and he just hisses and howls. I'm unsure if he'd go as far as biting. Rascal even hissed at me when I reached my hand out to him. Needless to say, Rascal is going to be thinking about what he's done in my sister's room for a while.

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Apparently the cat let out a bit of poop when my sister came home and put the puppy in front of him.

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-Day 52


Ever since that cat went crazy I've been hiding in this hell hole of a closet. I don't think there's any survivors. Whenever he's not around I make a break for the kitchen, but I've had some close calls. I've managed to conserve battery on this computer but I don't thi- WHAT'S THAT? OH MY GOD. HE'S COMING. HELP HEEEEE-

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