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The Economy got Explode.

Amber Pyre


So apparently my Membership payment for July got denied by the credit card company.

I really don't know why, but it's still trying to renew itself. I'll try and re-purchase after I get home from vacation.


Until then, I'll be a freeplayer and, as such, will not subject myself to the absurd limitations of that world. You'll not see me ingame again until my subscription is renewed.


Also, does anyone know what happens to beta access after losing membership? I got my access from being a member since March of 2011, and I'd like to know what'll happen to my slot in the beta.


About Carnillean Rising: I'd totally try it but apparently my Membership timed out exactly today. I'll not get the ability to play this quest until the end of this month.


In conclusion:



Recommended Comments

Maybe your credit card company is trying to tell you something?

Yeah, they got me to quit. For now.


Let's just see if I get that lifetime membership from that competition.

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