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Sloots gonna sloot

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So I K closed tonight after some solid pool game. I used a lot of push pull tactics to achieve this. I would go in close to her face to face talk about something personal while maintaining strong eye contact as she had her upper body on this raft thing then depart do something at the opposite side of the pool. Repeat. I walked her to her car and noticed she took way to long to unlock the door. She then placed her bag and stuff on the drivers seat and turned around for a hug. At this point I knew she wanted me to make a move. I also knew this wouldn't have been a short hug goodbye because if it was a quick hug she would have put her stuff in the passenger seat hugged and then hopped back in. I closed the door with my foot while we are hugging. We hugged for a while and I told her " Even after all the chlorine you still smell amazing." Made strong eye contact and went for the kiss. Solid game this girl is rather shy and restrained.



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