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Summer Nights and a Question

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Sup guys.


Anyways, I am a 16 year old in highschool. Virgin, fair amount of female interest and really only started to act on it this summer.


I met this girl (we'll call her HB7) through a friend. We hung out, (me, friend, and her) once, got her number but nothing happened. I see her at a party (this is about 2 months later) and we talk and she wants to hang out soon. So I forget about her until my friend reminds me (this is about a month after the party) I text her and we make plans to meet up.


I pick her up and we head to a local park where we walk around. We sit down close to each other and talk about school, people we know, etc. She notices my upper thigh tan-line and touches, it commenting on it. I point out and touch and tease her about hers.


We're talking about cool shizzle, I'm teasing her caller her a hipster while she denies it; everytime she does something hipsterish I till her "I'm adding another tally to your hipster chart". We move around a bit, sit down on a bench. We're really close, and I touch my thigh to her and she doesn't pull away, we're pretty comfortable. I tell her I'm hungry and suggest we head somewhere to eat.


We go to a nice little mom and pop deli to eat. I call my parents and find out that they were going to be coming home late so I'm happy we have a place to go to afterwards. I tell her and she's down, I think she might know at this point what was happening.


We head to my house and I show her around. While showing her the pool I ask if she wants to swim. She says something like I don't have a suit, I say it's fine I swim in my underwear all the time. She agrees and we go down the pool.


She strips down to her bra and underwear and I strip to my boxers (trying to make my slight boner not too obvious) and we get in. We swim around and shizzle for a few minutes, then she sits really close to me on the step. I think about making the move to kiss her but it didn't feel right. We keep swimming and at one point we're both standing on some ledge, I push her off. She then pushes me off to get back at me. shizzle is getting real.


We start playing "tag" or something, just messing around in the water and stuff, and one time she "gets" me and just jumps up to me, wraps her legs around me, and we both lean in and start making out.


We have a convo like this

her: so you're new at this right?

me: yeah

her: I thought you had a girlfriend before

me: yeah but we didn't do anything


she grabs my hair and gives me the sexy eyes and says she'll show me the ropes or something like that.


We make out in the pool for a bit longer then she suggest moving inside and asks to go to my bedroom. We go, dry off, and get on the bed, still in our underwear. We keep making out, her on top of me, me on top of her, switching it up, etc.

At one point she asks lights on or off, I say on but she wants them off so I go for that.


I ask her to show me how taking off a bra works. She shows me, then does it up again and has me do it. At this point things get kinda nsfw, I do have a question regarding the following but if you think it's tmi feel free to stop here.


NSFW part

We're making out and I'm feeling her up and shizzle and I slip my hands down her panties, and holy jesus is she fudgeing wet. It was like a fudgeing slip n slide down there. I start rubbing her clit and we're making out. She takes off her panties, I take off my boxers. We make out and I'm fingering her and she's rubbing my dick. I eventually get on top of her and focus on just fingering her g-spot. She is moaning really loudly and I'm not sure if she came or not but she moaned a lot then stopped. We keep making out, her rubbing my dick, me rubbing her clit but she's not as wet anymore. I ask her if she knows how to give a blowjob, she says she doesn't do that on the first date. I ask her if she makes exceptions, she says something like I have to earn it. I'm not gonna argue while she's rubbing my dick so I just say okay.


Here's where it gets weird. She gets up 2 or 3 times during the hookup to check her phone or something. Anyways, she's rubbing my dick and I tell her I'm about to come. I don't want to get it on my sheets so I run to the bathroom and get some tissues. I get back and she starts putting her clothes on. I ask her "are you done?" she says "no, I'm just wet from the pool so I'm getting dressed."


I lay there naked, waiting for her to finish me off when she checks her phone again, apparently sees something and says "get dressed I have to go". she sounded serious so with the bluest of balls I put my clothes back on and tidy up my dads house and I driver her home. We make very relaxed and nice conversation in the car.


We get to her house, we kiss and I ask when she's in town the rest of the summer. She says she's here all summer and wants to hang again I say for sure, I'm gonna be out of town a bit and she says she'll text me and we'll meet up again.

So I went home, wash the good kitty! off my hands and mouth, say goodnight to my mom, eat some cottage cheese (dat casein gainz) and type this up.


My question:

wtf is up with the not finishing me off and blue balls shizzle? It really sucked. I'm thinking if she has a rule like not blowing guys on the first date maybe she doesn't want to make the come on the first date? That's retarded though.

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Good god man put it in a spoiler, and give fair warning. I feel like I could be arrested just for reading that.


Clearly too much Fifty Shades of Grey -.-

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ya i touched myself tot his post


n ya i had a girl do that 2 me 1ce. she was suckin me off but i think she stopped because she was gettin tired of it

she was one of those type B a nice gal personality girls tho

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Just scrolling down the blog section when I stumble across penises, blowjobs and blue balls, oh my!

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i would've thought i would lol whilst reading the blog, but instead it was the comments section xD

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Nobody cares about your fake sex life


please come again


I do!!

they make for very good erotic stories :}

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