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Carnillean Rising Drive

Twist of Fate


Okay, so I can't be the only one to notice that the output of Sal's guides is declining, right? That's why I decided to start writing guides again. The problem is that I can't do it without you. Guides cannot be put up without checks and submissions by you.


This quest, for example. http://runescape.sal...nillean-rising/

I wrote it after I had already completed the quest, and I can't access the dungeon. (I can get to the part with the wolf matriarch but not the actual dungeon) About 5 people in Sal's friends chat promised me they'd help me get the pictures, and no one ever talked to me about it again.


This quest has been out for a good amount of time now, and I think it's time to start stepping it up. Focus on new content, 2nd priority is updating older content. When I started almost 5 years ago this was a great help site and community. Without new guides, and with diminished activity in the guides forum, we are just a community.


What do you say, guys? Let's do this?


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