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Solomon's Was Actually in the BTS this month.

Amber Pyre


Quote from the July Behind the Scenes

For those of you interested in swaggering about in the latest and greatest fashions - whatever the slimy' date=' critter-ridden dungeon or sun-swept fishing spot you find yourself in - we have a really special update planned for July. Sometimes it’s not all about the XP, it’s about looking good while earning it. More to follow in the next few weeks![/quote']


I remember some people commenting somewhere that Solomon's Store wasn't in the BTS for this month. I'm sorry. It was.

I was going back through this month's BTS just because. I noticed that this quote seemed oddly similar to what Solomon is. I do believe it foreshadowed Solomon's RWT Store.



That, or it's some amazing update to the Loyalty Shop. I doubt that though.


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Who cares if it was in Behind the Scenes. Does that make it better?

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Who cares if it was in Behind the Scenes. Does that make it better?

No. It just means that I proved people wrong because they said it wasn't.

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