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Dirty Jagex.

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I bought a pack of runecoins last week, so that I could buy the pegasus teleport and some emotes. The payment took a while to process (as Jagex payments usually do for whatever reason).


I checked my bank statement this morning and see they've charged me twice for the same pack.


So I went onto the forums and made a post asking what's going on. A mod replied within an hour saying, no you weren't, but I've sent you a message in your in-game message centre explaining the problems.


So I went to log into my account to check said message, and they've locked my account.


Went through the process of unlocking it, checked the in-game message which just said "No, you haven't been charged twice", essentially.


Now I'm cross. Trying to get in contact with one of them and send them my bank statement.



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contact the service with which you payed

if it's paypall you are in luck, they take complaints like that very serious

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It was via my debit card through the bank. I haven't rung them yet because if I ask for the payment to be revoked then I'll get locked even harder over a billing dispute which won't let up until it's sorted.


EDIT: Jagex just replied. Told me it was the banks fault and not theirs, so I'm going to go block the payment now. Grrr.

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Turns out it may not have been Jagex' fault afterall.


Rang the bank and they said some payments made one day this month were duplicated on the next due to human error and I should get a refund tomorrow.


I still stand by my rant, because they locked me for asking a question. Meanies.

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Can't blame this one on them Amber.

It's all down to my bank & Jagex this time.

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This is why we don't pay Jagex... It's bad enough they force the issue to have you buy things, now they charge you twice to bend you over even further

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To be fair, this doesn't seem to have been their fault. They handled it terribly by locking my account though...

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Well from past experience, if you even attempt to bring up a problem that others could see, you basically get a mute of some sort, or in your case, an account lockup. Basically it's like Hitler runs their customer service department and forums.

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<p class='citation'>Quote</p><div class="blockquote"><div class='quote'>I bought a pack of runecoins last week</div></div>^Found your problem.

I've got a Pegasus and a kinky roman suit that says you're wrong.

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