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Ode to Sofee

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Hello heavenly blessed beauty whose inner beauty and outter beauty is simply divine and everlasting, Yours is an ancient beauty, the kind of muse that inspired Omar Khayyam or the Chauraspanchasika. Surely it was an angel like you who wooed Odysseus as he stood tied to the mast or whose light burst from the balcony that inspired Romeo... to song. Oh be my muse, fair princess and we shall teach the generations to come how to love.



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the balcony that inspired Romeo... to song

A lovestruck Romeo sings a street serenade

Laying everybody low with a song that he made

Finds a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade

Says something like, "you and me babe...how about it?"


Also, you left Marlowe's "the face that launched a thousand ships" out


6/10 needs more effort

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