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Emergency wisdom tooth extraction

Twist of Fate


I might have to get one again. Luckily my teeth are set up so that I only have to get 1 out at a time. It really wasn't that bad last time. A few needle pinches, pushing and pulling, and it was over. Got some drugs, bled for a few hours, went to school 4 hours afterward while I was still bleeding cause I'm a boss. Well this hurts really bad and I just want it out.


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Just have 'em all pulled at once, they're nothing but trouble and you might as well get it over with if there's a chance you'll need to others out at some point too. :P


I had all 4 of mine out on a Thursday, slept through the weekend, went back to school on Monday like nothing ever happened.

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I could never lololol both my top ones are still inside, and this place I go to doesn't recommend getting one on each side out unless it's absolutely necessary. I'd rather get one out at a time and recover faster. I'm weird.

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Ha, goodluck man. I got all four pulled at once and had bad swelling afterwards. When I went back to school people started asking me why I was chewing tobacco in school.


Supposedly there is something in pineapples that helps reduce swelling, so if swelling was an issue last time you may want to look into shoving pineapples down your throat right before the operation.

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Yeah I didn't have a problem with swelling, the tooth was half out (same as this one) so they didn't have to do much cutting or work. Thank you though, I will try that if anything!

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