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My Dear John Letter





Oh, my sweet, precious baby. We've had a whirlwind romance, we have. As I write this letter, I feel the memories flooding back; infanticide, incest, baby rape, bestiality. Murder and mayhem! It has been exciting, hasn't it? I suppose that's been part of the problem. The emotional ups and downs you've put me through, the heartbreak I've suffered, I can't handle it anymore! Maybe I never could. Maybe it's been building up inside me, until I explode in a mess of tears and inner turmoil. Our week and a half together has felt more like ten years. I cannot remember my life before you.


However, I can't say it's always been your fault, I had my moments. I have done things to you, terrible things. I know I've apologized time and time again, but my abuse is inexcusable Throwing you across the room is no way for me to treat my significant other. Oh, and the things I've said! Muttered under my breath or as I sobbed, it makes no matter. My cruelty is immeasurable.


I hope in time you can forgive me, and I you, but for now, it's over.


Mournfully yours, Teagan


P.S. Who am I kidding? You're like an addiction. Though I suppose we should take a break, at least until I can get A Dance With Dragons in paperback


P.P.S. Also, I've been cheating on you with A Game of Thrones.


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I've been neglecting my copy of A Game of Thrones unfortunately. Such a great series.

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infanticide, incest, baby rape, bestiality


what is this


The bestiality was a bit of a stretch, but otherwise, yeah. ASOIAF is intense and fantastic and gorgeous and I adore it.

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