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First time meeting a slammer

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Twist of Fate


Can't say I've knowingly met anyone else from Sal's in person, but today I met up with Marie and we saw The Dark Knight Rises.




Anyway we've known each other for about 4 years so it didn't even feel like the first time chilling. Anyway, It'd be cool to see more of you. If you can give me the name of a venue near you I can set up an acoustic gig perhaps?

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u should try to play at the smoky mountain performing arts center in franklin nc


ill smoke the last bit of weed i have w/ u. i hav enuf for like a bowl pack

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No Gillis crew was killing Sal's realm but they're gone so it's okay.


Also AK, sounds like a good idea. Ramsey is actually on the way to Ramapo.

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I know dude, that one day I was on RS I told you about how my Sister's enrolled there. I'll visit you mmmk

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..........awkward moment when this is the first name change in forever and you can actually identify me as taker this time.

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