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I've never been one for reading much "classic literature". In the last 4 years of school I've studied a bit of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Sophocles, Tenessee Williams, Fitzgerald, Camus etc. etc, and nothing really made me go "wow, I really want to continue my studies" (despite the unquestionable brilliance of all the mentioned authors, respectively). So when I decided to attempt to combine my history degree (something I've been intending to do for the past seven or so years) with a literature degree, it was based mainly off the fact that I had a lot of optional modules in more modern subjects, and out of the practicality of being able to teach two subjects when I eventually become a qualified secondary teacher.


However, I had a reading list of books I should and have to read before the degree starts, and on the side of that I bought the Canterbury Tales, completely in middle English on my kindle for about 79p (!!). I'm halfway through Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, and I think it's brilliant. I'm still a bit unsure of her writing style, as everything tells me to interpret what she says as completely satirical of social conventions and norms, (which I find awe inspiring, hilarious and completely intriguing) but I think it's just so cleverly woven that it could mean a million different things that would never even cross my mind.


I've also read the Pardoner's Tale, The Knight's Tale and The Wife of Bath's Tale, which is challenging in itself just trying to understand what exactly is going on, yet completely captivating.


It's really inspired me to broaden the horizons of what I read (so to speak), and has really opened me up to a new world of literature outside of what I would typically choose (mainly historical biographies and fantasy/thriller/action novels), and it's definitely left me anticipating this degree and changed the types of modules I think I'll be studying big time. :D


On a side note about University itself, I've received my accommodation offer, paid my deposit, set up my standing order to pay it etc. I've met one of the people I'll be sharing a house with via Facebook, I've gotten about half of what I need to take with me, packed up most of my belongings, and should be booking my one way ticket to England in the next week or so. I don't think I've ever been so excited/nervous/anxious/terrified/alskjfaskljf in my life! :love::biggrin:

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